Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Writing Wednesday: Publishing 101

Today's Writing Wednesday I will focus on publishing questions. Ever wondered how you go about getting published?  Do you need an agent? What about self-publishing?  Ask any question in the comments, and I will answer you all day long.

Happy asking!

<3 J.L. 


  1. Do you think it's better to self-publish or to find a publisher?

    1. It really depends on your goals and your particular book. The best thing is to get a huge six-figure deal from one of the Big 5 publishers along with a huge marketing budget. Although, that's just not that common. (Although it has happened to a startling number of friends of mine.) Sometimes, though, the sort of book you're writing isn't the type that the Big 5 are going to be excited about. (It's too niche, it's not on trend, etc. etc.) So then what do you do? Well, there are a number of great smaller publishers out there (like Entangled or Raw Dog Screaming Press, as two examples), but there are also a lot of other small publishers out there who will take 60% of your sales for doing very little. They'll give you a crappy cover, won't promote it at all, and then slap it up on Amazon hoping it'll sell. In those instances, I think you're better off self-publishing. So the important thing is to do your homework. Google is a wonderful thing. (So are Predators and Editors as well as Absolute Write Water Cooler.)

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